jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2018

Traditional Markets of Madrid - Antón Martín

Antón Martín Market (officially named Mercado Municipal de Antón Martín) is a food market located in the center of Madrid.

Within the trend of gourmet markets, Antón Martín's (Calle Santa Isabel, 5) is another world. Or, rather, it's a whole world. The sale of fresh products in the stalls of all life coexists with multicultural food (Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Colombian, Taiwanese, Spanish ...) and flamenco taconeo that arrives from the top floor, where is the dance school 'Amor de Dios' (Love of God).

Opened in 1941, Antón Martín Market, located in the Embajadores neighborhood, next to Cine Doré, home of the Spanish Film Library, has more than 80 stores, including indoor stalls and outdoor stores, you can find all kinds of food (meats, fish, fruits and vegetables, bread, cakes ...) as well as a wide range of non-food products and a dance school.

It emphasizes its extraordinary and varied gastronomic offer and food to take away.The third floor has been rented since 2002, to the prestigious dance school "Amor de Dios", dedicated to the teaching of Spanish dance.

As the director of the school told us, both flamenco and the market are united by their relationship with the Spanish tradition: art and fruits of the earth

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