miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2018

Traditional Markets in Madrid - Mercado de Chamartín

It was inaugurated in 1962. At first it belonged to a single man who was known by the name of the bird, with this nickname he owned the entire market.

In the 80s it became the property of the town hall, passing the ownership of the posts to the tenants, paying a fixed rent every month to sell their products in the Chamartín market.

At present, this market operates with a regime of community of owners, in which each position has its own owner. Paying the expenses of a community for the use of common services therefore the posts are the positions are owned by each vendor during the duration of the town hall session to use the market under this regime.

In my opinion, while this is the formula to enjoy a position in the market of Chamartín, it will never disappear as such a traditional market.

It is equally interesting to comment for this project that this market has since its creation with two bars that have fed throughout its history to all workers in the neighborhood.

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