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'Echegaray goes to Tokyo' Street with a touch of Antón Martín Market

What a great walk!

We first started on Echegaray Street. That is the street behind the Teatro Español. Echegaray, was the very first Spanish Nobel Prize and the street that bears his name has been an artist hang out for a very long time, it has also been a refuge for all kinds of night creatures, including some of the greatest flamenco musicians of all time. But time isn't the question, it's the answer, we're running short of time, we need to get moving.

Echegaray Street used to be called 'Lobo' Street or 'Wolf Street', but nowadays it could be easily called Tokyo Street because it has the highest concentration of Japanese Restaurants you will find in Madrid. Don Zoko is the oldest, Munarai if you're up for some sushi, follow with some Ramen in Chuka, comparisons are odious, but almost inevitable when you have another Ramen bar, Ichikoro right next to it. No time for taking sides, just, try both! But don't fill up, you still have to stop at Balón Tokyo for some Takoyaki or Gyozas, that's tapas Japanese style before...

While we were marvelling at the high density of Japanese restaurants in this street we walked past Cardamomo, in the words of Norma, the best flamenco place in Madrid. We were lucky to be with her, because she invited us to go in. And we did, and we went into a flamenco dream were we met with the souls of Camaron, Morente, Paco de Lucía, but also of current performers like Iván Losada, Antonio “El Ciervo” and Paloma Fantovas and were woken up when we returned back to the street by daylight, delivery trucks and people who look like pedestrians. It's us. We're now really on our way to Antón Martín.

We need to get to Antón Martín Market before lunch time and it's starting to get late. In Antón Martín we still continue on our quest to know the names of every single vegetable both in English and in Spanish. On our way we stop at one of the most charismatic fruit shops in the market. Frutas J. Corral. José is a live long heavy metal fan, you will easily recognise for his long hair and beard. Not only he will get you the best fruits in season, but you can get updated on the latest news about Dream Theater, Metallica, Iron Maiden, or Rosendo, while loading up for your fruits and veggies for the week. Wait a minute. You don't know who is Rosendo? Please do your homework.

His colleague is also pretty cool, he unravels some of the secrets of the white carrot AKA parsnip, he tells us all the ways in which we can prepare Celery Root , in salads, in soups, even with a touch of cooked corn somewhere and Beetroot, not only in your salads, but also in your juice, our heads are spinning, possibilities are endless.

Bu they're not alone in the market, there's much more, la Ecotienda on the corner has vegan chocolate and great looking pumpkins and pears, and we have so little time, that we don't have any more left. It's time to go. Not even a tapa?! What's happening?! C'mon!!!

Let us share some of our findings:

Isabel and Norma gathering the data.

It's time to slowly scroll down and see if you can name them...
avocado or aguacate
bay leaves or laurel
beetroot or remolacha
cherries or cerezas
chestnuts or castañas
custard apple or chirimoya
endives or endivias
fennel or hinojo
kale or berza
red cabbage or lombarda
Do I really need to say this one?

¿Quieres unirte a alguno de nuestros paseos? Echa un vistazo a nuestros cursos.

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