lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2016

The curious case of Benjamin Button - Francis Scott Fitzgerald

First Part
Button Family has had a new baby, a special baby. They well considered in their community, they're respected, they have a good social status and reputation.

 When Mr. Roger Button goes to the Hospital to see his boy he feels that something is wrong, the Doctor is nervous and angry. The boy is not what he expected, he is indignant. Roger can't understand anything, he's afraid.

The little Button is a white haired boy, with wrinkles and he doesn’t like blankets. His father has trouble with his clothes. Benjamin Button is like an old man not like a boy.

Benjamin can't make the same things as the other boys. His voice, his desires or his pleasures are different although his father can't see it.

When his neighbors meet "little" Button, they talk about how the boy resembles his grandfather. The Button family doesn’t like it, they're embarrassed, but it is true and the grandfather is not very happy. Even though, a few days later child and grandpa feel like peers.

One day in front of the mirror Benjamin realizes that he feels younger than the years before, he is twelve years old. When he turns eighteen his father sends him to College and Benjamin has a difficult experience because of his special condition, the college registrar and rest of the students.

But it wasn't all bad news...

Second Part
Benjamin meets Miss Hildegarde and he falls in love instantly. She likes men around their fifties and coincidentally that is what he looks like, but this romance turns out to be more complicated than that.

General Moncrief doesn't approve of this relationship under any concept, his age and his unsuccessful business are the main problems. Despite that they get married and surprisingly the wholesale hardware, the Button family business, grows up more and more. The General has to accept Benjamin like the rest of the neighbors.

In the meantime, Benjamin feels really well, strong, spending time around beautiful women and a good social position. His business is going alright but he needs to dedicate more time to his wife, who feels less attractive to him than before. This is the beginning of their marriage problems.

Although the couple has a little boy Benjamin decides to go to Spanish-American War because he is bored at home and he isn't feeling well with his wife. When he comes back home he looks like a man of thirty, even younger than before. This is one of their problems, his wife doesn't understand it and he doesn't know what to do about it, however, his mind is somewhere else. He becomes a proficient dancer.
He and his son look like brothers. Roscoe, Benjamin’s son, begins to manage the family business and Benjamin goes to Harvard as a freshman to complete his studies. When he comes back nothing is like before. He can't work with his son, he doesn't like his wife and he can't t return to the army because he is a little boy.
Benjamin’s story finishes with him going back to kindergarten until the end.