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The Godfather

Chapter 1 Everything starts in a wedding. Don Corleone's daughter is getting married. Michael's girlfriend is confronted with the truth about his family. The famous singer Johnny Fontane has asked D. Corleone for help to star in an important movie. Tom Hagen is going to take care of this business. Chapter 2 Tom Hagen went to visit Jack Woltz to ask if he could give a rol in the movie for Johnny Fontane. Woltz said that he didn't want to give the rol to JF. One night, Woltz woke up in the middle of the night and he saw the head of his best racehorse in his bed covered in blood. The next day Woltz called Johnny Fontane and gave him the rol in the movie. Chapter 3 Is about the fight between the Tattaglia and Corleone family. The Tattaglia family has planned to murder Don Corleone. It all starts when they send their gangster 'Sollozzo' offering them to enter the drug business. D. Corleone is suspicious and sends his strongest but not brightest man, Luca Brasi, to get information and will end up being killed. The chapter ends with a shooting in the street and Don Corleone is hit and lying in a pool of blood, with his son crying next to him. Chapter 4 Michael and Kay were in New York when they received the news that some people had hit his father. Meanwhile Sonny received a phone call. The man in the phone says to Sonny that they have Tom Hagen, but in three hours they will release him. When Michael arrived to the godfather's house Sonny asked him who did he think betrayed the godfather, Clemenza or Paulie. Michael thought Paulie. Sonny tells Clemenza to kill Paulie. Finally, Tom arrives home.

Moby Dick

Chapter 1 (Spouter Inn) Ishmael has dreams about exploring the mysteries of the sea. He goes to Massachussets to embark on a whaling ship. He stays in an cheap Inn where he will have to share a room with a stranger, a harpooner. The harpooner is an Indian who turns out to be a cannibal. He feels very scared when he sees him, but in the end everything is safe and he sleeps like a baby. Chapter 2 (The Pequod) Ishmael and Queequeg begin a friendly relationship between them. They see each other at the Chapel where whalers stop before going into sea. They go to the dock together and select their ship, 'The Pequod'. They go aboard and want to meet the Captain, "Ahab", but it is impossible, instead they meet first mate Startbucks. Later they sign up to be part of the crew. Then, something happens, a crazy old man whose name is Elijah tells them that the Pequod is doomed to bad demons... Chapter 3 (Captain Ahab) The Pequod would go off to sea on Christmas Day and the crew was getting ready for the three- year voyage. In the meantime the ship was being loaded with supplies. Ishmael and Queequeg visited the ship often trying to meet Captain Ahab, but he was a mysterious man. They only found Starbucks, the first mate who introduced them to Stubb and Flask, the second and third mate. Each of them commanded their own whale boat inside the ship.

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The Canterville Ghost

The Canterville Ghost - Oscar Wilde The Otises, a rich American family arrive to live and work in England. They buy an old house in the countryside owned by the Cantervilles which has a ghost. The Otises have their first encounter with the ghost and instead of being afraid they make fun of him. The ghost is very sad. I think Mrs. Umney, the housekeeper, has a secret. (up to page 6) Pages 7 - 12 (by Alfonso) We see how the ghost continues to fail in his attempts to frighten to Otis family. Virgnia has another attitude towards the ghost. The ghost tells her that he killed his wife and also that his brothers-in-law killed him. The reason was that his wife was a bad person and her family too, because her brothers were rude. At the end Virginia and the ghost speak about a special garden, the garden of love or death. Pages 13 - 16 (by Milagros) Then a poem appears on the library window. A beautiful and deep poem. Virginia reads it. And this is the meaning: "only a blonde girl that cries for the ghost can save him", it is to say, that he finally will rest. Then Virginia said: "yes, I'll do it". They both disappear into the dark through a wall. The family is very worried, because Virginia is not there. They look for her around the house, without answer. It is only possible to wait. Then, at twelve o'clock the Otises hear a big noise and suddenly Virginia is there, very pale and with a box in her hands. The box is a present, it contains a necklace. She explains what happened and the family follows Virginia to a secret room. There is a skeleton, it belongs to the ghost. Many days later there is a funeral. Many people go there, to the Garden of Death. A nightingale begins to sing just as the ghost told Virginia. She smiles."

The Beauty and the Beast

CHAPTER 1 (BEAUTY'S FAMILY) by Steve They introduce Beauty's family, she has two unfriendly sisters and three brothers. Her father is ruined, so they have to move to the countryside. Beauty has a positive and collaborative attitude. Her sisters hate her, her father loves her. CHAPTER 2 (BEAUTY'S ROSE) by Africa They receive a letter, saying they found the ship, but the ship is empty. On his way back home, it's snowing and windy and he stops in a castle. The castle is open and very comfortable, he eats, sleeps and the next morning prepares to leave. He remembers to get a rose for his daughter Beauty and when he does, an ugly monster appears. CHAPTER 3 (THE BEAST) by Fatima Beauty and her father agree and they go to the castle together. Beast says to Beauty she’s very brave. Beauty will stay in the castle to save her father. CHAPTER 4 (LIFE AT THE CASTLE) by Inés The next morning Beauty's father leaves the castle. He is crying. Don't cry father says Beauty. Remember I love you. Beauty is terrified. "The Beast is going to eat me tonight", she thinks. She is surprised when she sees her room. There is a nice bed and mirror on the wall and also a piano and a lot of books for her. Perhaps the Beast doesn't want to eat me tonight. The beast looks at her and asks a question. "Do you want to marry me , Beauty?". She is silent for a moment and then she says, "No I'm sorry I don't want to marry you. The Best is angry and Beauty is afraid. Then he goes out of the room and says, 'Goodbye, Beauty'. CHAPTER 5 (THE MAGIC RING) by Clara Beauty and Beast live in a castle and they're happy together. Beauty loves Beast as a friend and he wants to marry her. Beauty asks him if she can go to visit her father because he's sick. Beast says 'yes' but Beauty must come back to the castle in a week. Beast gives a magic ring to Beauty. CHAPTER 6 (THE SISTER'S PLAN) by Bob Beauty is back home and she's very happy to see her father who wants to know everything about the Beast. The sisters tell Beauty how unhappy they are in their marriages while Beauty appears to enjoy the company of Beast. She tells them about how she lives like Queen. The sisters change their attitude towards Beauty, they are nice to her and make her believe they love her. But it is not true, it is part of a plan. They will make Beauty stay so that she gets in trouble with Beast. Beauty stays one more week. CHAPTER 7 (THE DREAM) by Isabel Beauty dreams about the Beast. In her dream, the Beast is in the garden of the castle and he's going to die.Beauty the Next morning Beauty wakes up in the Beast's castle. Beauty cannot find him. She remembers her dream. She sees the Beast on the grass, and the Beast whispers "I'm dying". Beauty: Don' t die! You must live and become my husband. I love you and can't live without you. CHAPTER 8 (THE PRINCE) by Inés Suddenly all the lights of the castle's garden are on. Beauty is surprised and looks at the castle. What a surprise! She sees a handsome young man. But where is the Beast? asks Beauty. I am the Beast The spell is broken! I don't understand says Beauty. Who are you? I'm a prince and this is my castle. Sometimes a bad witch puts a spell on a prince and only true love can break the spell. The prince takes her hand and says, 'Do you want to marry me Beauty?' 'Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees.' The next day Beauty and the prince get married. Everyone dances and sings in the castle, it's a happy day. The prince sees tears in Beauty's eyes and says, 'Don't cry, my beauty. We're going to be very happy together. THE END :=)