miércoles, 20 de enero de 2016

Murders in Rue Morgue - Chapter 6 by Thais

Dupin heard footsteps on the stairs, it was the sailor, when he entered the house, Dupin closed the door, and the sailor began to tell the truth… He found the orang-outang on a trip and took the orang-outang with him home, because he believed that he would be able to sell the orang-outan. When the orang-outang arrived with him home it started to act weird, he began to run down the street with a razor in its hands, it saw a window with the light on, entered into the house and the orang-outang killed the mother and the daughter… After the sailor and Dupin told the truth to the police, they released the innocent clerk from the bank and the orang-outan was sold to a zoo.

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