jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2014

House Objects

PLANT – Is something you can put in a plant pot.

TELEPHONE – An object you use to speak with another person at a long distance.

CUPBOARD/CABINET – A cabinet with a door used to store things.

CARPET – A fabric used to cover the floor.

SOFA – A long seat for two or more people.

CLOCK – Is an instrument that indicates the time.

MIRROR – A surface where your image is reflected. Also called a looking glass.

ARMCHAIR – A chair with a structure to suppor the arms.

FRIDGE – A refrigerator.

BOOKCASE – A furniture where you can put books.

TELEVISION – You can use it to see television programs.

TABLE – A furniture that typically has four vertical legs and a flat surface.

DVD PLAYER – An electronic apparatus used to play DVDs.

SINK – A space in the kitchen used for washing.

LAMP – An object that generates light.

DISHWASHER – A machine for washing dishes.

STOVE – An apparatus that produces heat for cooking.

WASHING MACHINE – A machine for washing clothes.